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Betcha Didn’t Know Allis Chalmers Made These Items!

Did you know Allis-Chalmers experimented with other equipment besides just tractors? Here are six   items you may not realize bore the Allis-Chalmers name:




This 1965 prototype snowmobile is on display at Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum. The story goes that the factory created three snowmobiles from existing tractor and equipment parts. One was scrapped, one is in the museum, and the third is missing.  Read more here.



A few years ago my dad brought home an Allis-Chalmers chainsaw from an auction sale. He’d never seen one before and bought it on an impulse. We had it on display in our barn when a visitor convinced us to sell it to him. The chainsaw photographed above was on display at the Orange Spectacular show in Hutchinson this past summer.  Research shows that AC made seven different chainsaw models.


Traveling Lawn Sprinkler:


This sprinkler was advertised on the box to have an Aqua-Magic Dial; could be set to sprinkle areas 5 ft to 50 ft wide, up to 150 ft long; No watching; No waiting; No walking on wet grass; Set it – Forget it- Shuts itself off!


Push Mower:

Riding mowers are common, but a push mower is much more rare!


Fork Lift:

This handy fork lift, mounted onto a B-10, was on display at the Orange Spectacular. The fork lift was manufactured by the Henry Mfg Co in Topeka, KS. With the counter weight on front, this will lift a significant amount of weight. There’s an extra hydraulic pump with reservoir on the front (run off of the front crankshaft). The controls mount to the side.


Mini Bikes:

Allis Chalmers produced three different models of AC mini bikes: the Trail 5, Mini 4 and Mini 5. One of each model was on display at the Orange Spectacular (owned by Ryan Franzen, Drew Schipper and Reece Buttjer). I got to zip around for a quick ride at the show. These mini bikes are believed to have been a promotional item—a giveaway when a tractor was purchased during a certain time period.


Do you know of or own any other unique Allis Chalmers items? If so, leave a comment below!


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