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Oliver Super 55 and 550 Steering Repair

If you need to repair the steering on your Oliver Super 55 or 550 tractor, finding parts might be a struggle! Here’s a trick–Did you know that the bearings and races are the exact same as the Ford 8N, NAA, 600 and 800 parts? Order Ford parts and they will slip right onto your steering components.

It’s important to note that this interchange only applies to non-power-steering models.

IMG_1503 (1)

It can be tricky to insert the bottom bearing without smashing the cage. Try smearing grease onto the bottom of the shaft and then putting the bearing on (apply enough grease so the bearing sticks to the shaft). Next, drop it down into the race.


One more tip: Don’t refill the box with oil. Instead, fill it with grease. It should accept one full tube of grease. It won’t hurt anything for this compartment to be a grease box for the rest of its life. Oil runs out and the bearings run dry, instead grease sticks with them.

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